Want to Increase Your Holiday Sales? Here are 8 Basic Tips

by Jeff Finch

Want to Increase Your Holiday Sales? Here are 8 Basic Tips

by Jeff Finch

by Jeff Finch

Before you realize it, your business will be approaching the holiday season. During this season, it’s important to leverage a new SEO plan to capitalize on new sales opportunities in light of vibrant festivities such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Similar to how you would decorate your home or business for the upcoming holidays, you should apply the same strategy to your website to increase your conversion rates and ultimately boost your profitability heading into your company’s fourth fiscal quarter. Do you know how to begin your holiday SEO plan? If not, read on to learn about eight fundamental tips you can use to skyrocket the earning potential and online visibility of your business in the holiday season.

1. Analyze Your Current SEO
Before you can begin constructing your unique holiday SEO plan, it’s important to analyze the current state of your SEO. Are there any areas of your website that need optimization? You may be surprised by how subtle changes made to your website can positively impact your SEO.

The first step of brainstorming your holiday SEO plan is to audit your website and mark down any areas of improvement. This is an effective method of improving your current SEO and establishing vital points of emphasis during your holiday SEO campaign.

2. Determine Your Business Hours
Google has now begun to display the business hours of companies that have a Google My Business Listing. Prospective customers regularly consult this information before deciding to make a physical visit, primarily because Google typically indicates when a business is opened or closed.

If you are planning to alter your business hours in accordance to the upcoming holiday season, make sure you are reflecting these changes by updating your Google My Business page. By accessing this page, you can easily change your business hours in order for Google to relay this information to your target audience. Alternatively, you can also obtain a schema markup to properly label your business hours in structured data that Google’s bots can understand.

3. Optimize Product Descriptions and Titles
During the holiday season, people are constantly browsing the internet. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your product descriptions and titles so that Google can adequately correlate this data to customers with corresponding interests to your products and services.

Generally, your product descriptions and titles can impact your website’s click-through rates. This is why you shouldn’t just focus on embedding your target keywords into these texts, but rather prioritize optimizing your product descriptions and titles to the user.

To ensure that your content is easily absorbed by your target audience, write quality titles and descriptions that influence your audience to make a purchase. Here’s a great example of an SEO-optimized and precisely written title description created by Walmart.

As you can see, this content is well-written and visibly contains a rigid keyword focus. By implementing the same approach to your holiday SEO campaign, you can effectively filter your prospective customers through the sales funnel and convert them into quality sales.

4. Decrease Load Times
Web development research has consistently proven that slow load times can inhibit the productivity of a website. In fact, a meager one-second delay in load times can result in a 16% growth in customer dissatisfaction and decrease conversion rates by 7%.

If you want to keep your conversion rates intact and maintain optimal customer satisfaction, you’ll have to ensure that all of your web pages contain quick load times. There are a variety of reasons of why web pages may load slowly. Though, the main culprit often lies in massive images that may exist on your pages.

During your SEO campaign, your website will be the primary platform in which your customers will interact with your services and products. As a result, decreasing your page load times can benefit both your SEO and your conversion rates.

5. Upgrade Your Mobile Experience
According to Search Engine Land, nearly 60% of all searches are derived from mobile devices. This means that mobile search is extremely important for websites, especially in the holiday season where consumers regularly conduct most of their shopping on their smartphones and tablets.

Whenever you plan to create holiday landing pages, it’s critical that these pages are mobile-friendly. Mobile customers are usually looking forward to making an immediate purchase when they visit a website. If your website doesn’t offer an intuitive and fast mobile version, you’re likely going to miss out on incoming sales.

6. Engage Your Customers Through Social Media
Many companies are able to achieve more organic SEO results by leveraging their social media use into their SEO campaign. It’s important to think outside of the box of how you can properly merge your SEO and social media activities to yield positive results in the upcoming holiday season.

One effective way of doing so is by creating a Pinterest board that contains optimized descriptions and titles of your best holiday products or services. Not only will these boards receive exposure on social media, but they can also provide deeper linking to your website’s holiday pages.

You can alternatively use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat to highlight your holiday specials and products and reroute your audience back to your website.

7. Create an Aggressive PPC Campaign
Pay-per-click advertising and Google Adwords may be an optimal last-minute alternative to boosting your SEO during the holiday season. Although organic SEO takes time to develop, PPC allows you to place your business ads directly in front of your target audience.

However, you have to be careful about managing your ROI during your PPC campaign. Bidding prices are likely to increase during the holiday season as companies fight for top keywords. Therefore, you don’t want to overdo your PPC campaign efforts. Nonetheless, if it means attracting more customers to your website this holiday season, it wouldn’t hurt creating an aggressive PPC campaign that showcases your products.

8. Record Your Results
Once you have masterfully crafted an SEO campaign for the upcoming holiday season, make sure you record your results to discern the strategies that worked and the ones that didn’t. The more you know about how well your campaign worked this season, the more you can do to create a more effective campaign next year.

It’s also essential to understand why some things worked and why some didn’t in order to obtain key insight into how efficient your campaign was. Avoid focusing on vanity metrics and instead weigh your success on the number of sales and conversions you received.

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