We're in the business of providing simple solutions for complex problems.

Reputation Management

We're in the business of providing simple solutions for complex problems.

Reputation Management

by Jeff Finch
After building a solid community strategy, our social media experts immerse themselves in the brand’s channels to engage potential and current customers, brand advocates and media.

What we will do

We will make your reputation a priority in all of our work. By putting reviews on your website! Also, send happy customers to Yelp, Google+, Facebook to leave positive reviews and boost views!

Our Process

This is the first step of our research process. We perform a thorough search of your company name, popular products, low-ranked products, services, etc. The idea is to get a good understanding of your reputation online. We do this because:

  • Only 50% of businesses surveyed own the first result on a SERP when they search the company name.
  • 25% don’t have any positive content on the first page.Nearly 15% have at least one damaging negative review on the first page of SERP.

Only a few successful companies own their entire first page and have positive content in all links. It’s important to understand where you land before planning the repair process.

Our next step is to look at social media because that also plays an important role in building or destroying your reputation. We look through mentions of your brand name or messages and comments addressed to you to determine the general reputation on the platform. Once we have some idea about your situation, our social media team can take over and start cleaning up your reputation.

This is a long and detailed process; but through conflict resolution, good content, customer engagement, and communication, it is possible to clean up your social media presence, which has a direct impact on your reputation outside social media as well.

It’s also a good idea for business owners to get involved in this process. You can reply to comments, resolve issues promptly, engage in discussions, etc. It’s never too late to start engaging people on this platform.

Once we understand your reputation, we build a plan to establish, repair, or maintain it. Here’s a brief look at what our reputation management professionals will do:

  • No Reputation – If you have virtually no presence online, well create good content, establish a website or optimize the old one, refine your existing content, and help you get more positive reviews.
  • Overwhelm Negative Content – If you have negative content or a poor reputation, we create new positive pieces, invite customers with positive experiences to review, and use SEO techniques like backlinking to get bury negative content.
  • Maintain a Good Reputation – If you have a well-established reputation, we can add to it by pushing your content and making you more visible in a positive way.